UGIV Funds

Why it works

Your generosity creates real change. A UGIV™ Fund is a solution-based fund for a group of select nonprofits. We help raise money for organizations that are dedicated to making their communities better.


Did you know about 20 percent of nonprofits operate on less than $4,000 per month?1 Imagine how much good a recurring gift as little as $25 a month could do. Now imagine your friend chips in another $25 and so on and so on. You’re a generosity generator!


UGIV Funds can help alleviate fundraising burdens for nonprofits since Uncommon Giving is handling the creation and marketing of each fund.


When you give to others, you’re doing more than just donating money. When you feel the impact of serving others, you’ll be inspired to make generosity a part of your everyday life. Serving is giving time, talent, treasure, testimony and thanks. Your generosity will help change the community, but it can also change U. Studies have shown that there is a link between generosity and happiness.2


What’s in a number? Well, for a nonprofit it is a lot.
Here are some of the ways your generosity can make a difference in your community and beyond. Let’s use taking on homelessness in Phoenix as an example.3

    Small-dollar donations that equal $520 over one year


    Homeless people served in the past 12 months at the Human Services Campus




    Each nonprofit is vetted in a UGIV Fund by Uncommon Giving based on criteria from industry-leading organizations, a non-profit advisory board, and local nonprofit experts. This includes searching for good standing with the IRS, and at least one of these filters: Uncommon Giving advisory board member, three or more stars from Charity Navigator®, bronze rating or above in GuideStar®, good standing with (BBB), or a passing designation from ImpactMatters®.

    Causes Included

    How you can be a generous giver.

    Being you is your superpower. Use it for good! By giving to a UGIV Fund, you are making a difference in your community. Dollars are distributed to multiple nonprofits meeting a specific need, so your impact is spread throughout your community! It’s easy and you’ll get a tax receipt for your records.

    You’ll help others awaken generosity. By sharing that you donated to a UGIV Fund, you are a voice for those in need. Your unique gifts and talents may inspire others to give. Nonprofits in your community need help now more than ever.

    You are a part of a larger story. Change comes from everyone, not just those with the most money. You have more to give than you think!

    Your generosity will help change the community, but it can also change “U.” Studies have shown that generous people are often happier, healthier and live longer.

    Not sure yet?

    Let us help.

    We want to help you on your path to awaken generosity in you and in those around you. Contact us so you can get updates on how to start this journey. We’re here to help.

    What happens when you give?

    Your donation dollars are distributed to the nonprofits in the UGIV Fund. It’s easy and you’ll get a tax receipt for your records.

    You’ll also be able to track all your giving in one place in a convenient digital giving wallet.

    1How Big Are Most Non-Profits?
    2 A neural link between generosity and happiness
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